Manufacturing ServiceManufacturing Service: Bespoke Sealing Plates and Stamped Parts

Customers in the chemical, petrochemical, and food industries or from pharmaceutical companies value P.J. Schulz’s tailor-made products.
Our customers in sectors such as mechanical engineering and craft enterprises do not just purchase core sealing technology products from us; they also enjoy a large selection of tools and workshop equipment.
Ask us about sealing characteristics for individual materials, approvals, proofs, and certificates of conformity.

We offer:

  • • Asbestos free high-pressure sealing plates
  • • Seals as custom-made products and drawing parts
  • • Insert rings
  • • Expanded PTFE-sealing tapes
  • • Graphite sealing plates with and without inlays
  • • Rubber-steel seals
  • • High temperature seals
  • • Groove profile gaskets
  • • Modified PTFE sealing plates
  • • PTFE sealing plates
  • • Ring-joint seals
  • • Spiral-wound seals
  • • Gland packing for rotary pumps, plunger pumps, fittings
  • • T-Separator seals for heat exchangers

Manufacturing Service: Your P.J. Schulz Seal

Custom manufacturing of seals using our in-house plotter technology. We can manufacture sealing plates for you in quantities large or small, smoothly and with high precision on CAD cutting plotters.

CAD Drawing Creation

You can transfer your individual drawings or templates to us via e-mail or data carrier. If you do not have a drawing, you can have us create the necessary CAD drawings. To do this, all we need is a sample or template. All drawings are maintained, digitally archived and available at all times for easy access.

Stamped Seals

Our modern stamps mean we can manufacture both large quantities of sealing plates and individual items as special productions.

Segmentation of Seals

To manufacture over-size seals, several manufactured seal segments are joined by hand.The ends of the segments are sanded and joined into one complete seal using high-performance adhesives.

Seal Sets According to Customer Requirements

We can assemble individual set packages for you for defined spare parts requirements.

Too many technical terms? No problem – we speak your language too

There are many technical terms, abbreviations and standards circulating in the field of seal technology that can often be confusing. Our technical advisors will be pleased to help you find the right product amid the jungle of specialist terminology. Together we will find the right solution for you.