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Sealing Technology | Fluid Power | Hose Technology | Valve technology

P.J. Schulz Industrial Technology: Your partner for sealing technology and other technical solutions

Are you in search of a reliable partner for technical supply products, especially in the field of sealing technology for industrial applications, fluid technology for sealing hydraulic and pneumatic systems, or hose technology for the flexible and secure conveyance of various media between components? P.J. Schulz is your expert in sealing technology, fluid technology, hose, and fitting technology. We are your competent partner to master all media processes – as part of your value chain – safely and economically. Get to know us and become part of a partnership with a system. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and are eager to convince you of our service and consulting offerings!

Our areas of expertise

Static sealing technology

Fluid technology

Hose and fitting technology

Technical Industrial Supplies

Demand-oriented services for sealing technology, fluid technology, hose technology and valve technology

P.J. Schulz keeps a close eye on your process, application, challenges, and research project, providing support through a thoughtful combination of specialized knowledge in the four core competencies: sealing technology, fluid technology, hose technology, and fitting technology. We apply these skills through assembly, production, refinement, and meaningful integration of our resources – tailored to your process.

Well-founded technical advice and a sensible service framework around our core competencies are based on 80 years of experience, which we have always pushed further. But also on the knowledge of our long-standing P.J. Schulz team.

In doing so, we can look back on decades of partnership-based cooperation with customers from various industries, as well as on long-standing working partnerships with suppliers.


PJS bei der Nacht der Technik am 21.06.2024

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass PJS auch dieses Jahr an der "Nacht der Technik" teilnimmt!
Am 21.06.2024 öffnen wir unsere Türen für spannende Einblicke in unsere technischen Prozesse und Anlagen.

Was erwartet Sie?

Im Rahmen der Nacht der Technik bietet PJS einen »technisch hochqualifizierten Spaziergang« durch unser Unternehmen. Erhalten Sie Einblicke in unsere Prozesse und technischen Anlagen, und erfahren Sie mehr über die Herstellung von Dichtungen.

Erleben Sie CAD-gesteuerte Fertigungstechnik hautnah und probieren Sie interaktive Maschinen-Vorführungen selbst aus. Entdecken Sie unseren Ausbildungsbetrieb, wo Respekt, Achtsamkeit und Toleranz im Mittelpunkt stehen. Lassen Sie sich von unserem Ausbildungskonzept inspirieren, das Eigenverantwortung und Teamarbeit fördert.

Erfahren Sie mehr über unseren Ausbildungsplan, das Azubi-Forum, Workshops, Betriebsfeiern, Projektarbeiten und spannende Ausflüge. Freuen Sie sich auf viele weitere interessante Aktivitäten und Fachgespräche.

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PJS bei der Nacht der Technik am 21.06.2024


Since our foundation in 1938, we can look back on 80 years of history and technical partnerships in the 3rd generation. Take a look at our milestones.


Technical products have to meet numerous requirements. They are often put to the test, have to achieve high performance under a variety of conditions and be absolutely reliable.

Industrial technology with a system

Strong connections with leading European manufacturers enable us to offer you a comprehensive product range of excellent quality at attractive prices. With decades of experience and collaboration with clients across various industries, we understand what matters. We are familiar with individual requirements and technical challenges in our core areas of sealing technology, fluid technology, hose technology, fitting technology, or special products.

With our know-how and digital CAD-controlled production units, we develop and manufacture made-to-measure sealing products, i.e. seals for your industrial sector in complex shapes, special productions, industrial seals as individual pieces or large series.

Do you have any questions about our technical product solutions and services, or would you like to learn more about our manufacturing expertise in our core areas? Let us convince you, become our customer, our partner, like many companies from almost every industrial sector already have. We always keep an eye on the overall benefits for the smooth running of your business, your systems and your machines. P.J. Schulz sees itself as a system partner for companies consisting of:

  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • Food industry and pharmaceutical industry
  • Apparatus construction, valve construction and plant construction
  • Heating engineering, air conditioning technology, pump construction and mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Research institutions and energy supply companies

As a system partner and MRO specialist, we offer you:

  • Technical application consulting and seal design
  • Special solutions for complex problems in industrial applications
  • Development of sealing concepts, including reduction of redundant systems
  • Hose Assembly and Testing for Flexible Fluid Conveying
  • C-parts logistics, including Kanban, consignment, and other systems
  • High availability of digital production lines for series and special requirements
  • E-procurement consulting, especially focused on SAP systems
  • 24-hour service for revisions
  • Downtime support with container service

By means of systematic, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN ISO 45001-certified processes, we develop the right concept for you. We have technical partnerships with customers from all over the world who rely on us.


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