P.J. Schulz Network

We at P.J. Schulz see ourselves as an important part of the big picture. This enables us to always maintain knowledge and service status for our customers and affiliated partners.

Verband Technischer Handel e.V. (Association of Technical Trade)

As a member of the VTH (Association of Technical Trade), we share specialist knowledge, especially in our core areas, in the network and for the benefit of our customers and partners. To this end, we are involved in the umbrella organization as well as in specialist groups.

E/D/E GmbH (Purchasing Office of German Iron Merchants GmbH)

Logistically, we answer all our customers' questions, because we have access to one of the largest and most modern logistics centers in the world. We are a member of the E/D/E (Purchasing Office of German Iron Merchants GmbH). This puts us in a position to reliably cover peripheral areas of our product range as well. In addition, we are also part of a large know-how network here.

We're participating! "Bright minds work here"

The Skilled Workers Campaign for the Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis.

Innovation | Research and development

Our innovation projects are supported by NRW funding.

Technical partnership among friends

We maintain fair, long-term and intelligent partnerships with technology leaders. The basis is our unconditional will to achieve mutual success, which we secure with classic values such as trust with a handshake and state-of-the-art communication culture. In this way, we obtain:

  • Sensible purchasing conditions
  • Bilateral transfer of know-how
  • Reliable and well-founded Consulation
  • Innovative assortment design
  • Process-optimized supply of goods
  • Customer-oriented E-business solutions

Strong industrial partners at our side