Hose workshop

Our hoses ensure a safe connection - guaranteed!

Industries need safe but fl exible connections in order to control processes, but also to maintain interfaces to other units. When it comes to hose lines in operation, the safety concept is paramount. We already follow this principle during the production of hose assemblies by certifi ed fi tters and inspectors. Diverse requirement profi les require a multitude of different hose line types.

We have the expertise required to comply with the regulations, from the design through to assembly and labelling. Because only with professional connections can application parameters such as medium, pressure and temperature be controlled. Our specialists, who have been certifi ed in accordance with the German DGRL Pressure Equipment Directive, will advise you on the selection of the right connection.

For hygienically pure processes in food and beverage production 

Health is a valuable commodity. That is why people must be able to trust that what they eat and drink is safe and not harmful to their health. High quality standards and product safety are, therefore, top priorities at all stages of the food chain. Hoses are fl exible transport connections that should not be missing in any production chain. For this reason, they are subject to very strict regulations and hygiene rules.

Food compliant hoses

To ensure that the hoses work safely and reliably in the long term, the material must also be precisely matched to the products the hoses are intended to transport. For example, fatty and oily liquids require different rubber compounds than hoses used in the production of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. With beverage hoses, such as the Purpurschlange and the Purpurschlange Plus Conductive hoses, or food hoses, such as the Lactopal hose, Haberkorn supplies hose solutions customised for operations in the food and beverage industry which are precisely matched to the respective transported goods. The Purpurschlange hose is valued as a hygienic connection between vats and brew kettles, in bottling plants or on beer tankers worldwide.

The Purpurschlange Plus Conductive hose is the fi rst beverage hose to meet the strict requirements of food law standards whilst at the same time being also able to dissipate static charges. The Lactopal hose is a high-class multipurpose hose for the food industry which is particularly suitable for conveying fatty and oily substances.

High process safety

The high-quality hoses meet all national and international hygiene requirements and comply with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 as well as EC 2023/2006 and the recommendations of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that their non-porous white inner layer is absolutely odourless and tasteless. As required by law, the hoses can also be appropriately cleaned and, if need be, disinfected or sterilised. When used in combination with hose fi tting systems such as Pagufi x 4000, they form a hygienically pure hose line and offer a high level of process safety - even when subjected to the highest stress levels.