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Turnaround of your process plant | TAR Service

In accordance with legal regulations, process engineering plants must undergo regular inspections for operational safety at different intervals (e.g., refineries every 5 years). Leak tests play a significant role here – our expertise! Our TAR service ensures the smooth execution of these inspections.

Without adrenaline, with TAR service
... And soon we'll be on!

The term "process" (Latin: procedere) essentially means to proceed or move forward. We have the experience and all the tools to accompany you as your sealing partner during the inevitable process interruption. To minimize the necessary plant downtime, turnaround times must be meticulously prepared and competently managed. P.J. Schulz supports you in this complex task with an extensive Turnaround Service offering (TAR Partner).

Certainly: Attention – Ready – Stop

Specifications, material types and scope must be precisely determined in advance. To this end, we will plan the details with you.

  • Material qualities and designs (standard and special seals)
  • Confidential review of your bills of materials
  • Cost and budget control right from the start
  • Planning for by-products (screws, etc.)
  • Initial Assembly Volume and Replenishment Logistics
  • Use-specific labelling
  • Output on site, in container or in consignment
  • Provision of dispensing staff
  • Alignment with your occupational health and safety measures

In this way, we define framework conditions to lay the foundation for security of supply. In addition, we give you the security of sound technical advice (calculations) and logistical express competence to make the shutdown run smoothly.

TAR service at your site – with container

Throughout the entire turnaround, P.J. Schulz maintains a service container on-site, equipped with a warehouse and a small-scale production facility. This container is staffed by one of our technicians at all times. This setup allows for a rapid response to unexpected special requirements directly on-site. For gasket forms or qualities that are needed spontaneously and cannot be produced in the container, our shutdown shuttle is ready for action. This ensures that the desired products are quickly and flexibly delivered from our main manufacturing facility to your location.

The motto is:
As short as possible – as long as necessary!

Are you looking for turnaround management at a high level? Rely on the shutdown service from P.J. Schulz for your shutdown! Let us advise you!