P.J. Schulz GmbH as
"Employer of the Future" awarded

The German Institute for Innovation in Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND) has honored P.J. Schulz GmbH with the "Employer of the Future" award. The initiators of the awards include not only DIND but also the German Institute for Service and Quality (DISQ) and the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The German Institute for Innovation in Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND) assesses companies based on their innovation capacity, the state of modern digital transformation, employee-friendliness, modern leadership, and recruiting strategies. The focus is on the theme of sustainability in all its facets – economic, ecological, social, and digital. In today's business landscape, trends such as digitization, innovation, and sustainability play a crucial role in determining the future viability of companies. P.J. Schulz GmbH has now been awarded the "Employer of the Future" distinction through the two-stage evaluation process conducted by DIND.

The two-step review process at a glance


As part of the SMART COMPANY check, it becomes evident that P.J. Schulz GmbH considers digitization as a crucial factor for the future long-term success of the company. Even though we haven't implemented all new technologies to 100% yet, we are creating opportunities to fill knowledge gaps and build the necessary expertise. We are pursuing a specific digitization strategy and prioritize investments in digital infrastructure. The expansion of the IT department and investment in modern technologies put us in a self-sufficient working situation.


In the interview with Operations Manager Sabine Kipke, it became evident how P.J. Schulz GmbH is strategically and systematically evolving. Technological progress, especially digitization, plays a central role alongside highly qualified and motivated employees, both in terms of service quality and the efficiency of internal processes. Viewing ourselves not only as a manufacturer but as a partner to our customers reflects a modern service mentality that places customer needs at the forefront. The company motto "pack and go" serves as the guiding principle for our leadership culture. Continuous development, utilizing modern agile approaches, is the foundation for an innovative, sustainable, and continually growing culture of success at P.J. Schulz.
We operate with visions, goals, and strengthen the strengths of our employees. Serving as a training facility "with heart" and embodying a leadership culture of "on an equal footing" distinguishes us as an employer of the future. The expansion of digital communication, both in marketing and recruiting, was explicitly praised as well.

We are thrilled to receive the 'Employer of the Future' award and celebrate this tremendous success with our employees. Balancing the needs of our customers and employees, always thinking two steps ahead, and pursuing modern and innovative corporate goals are integral to our daily operations. We are committed to digitalization and sustainability in our management, laying the foundation for a successful future at P.J. Schulz GmbH.

Martin Schulz, Management at P.J. Schulz GmbH
Sabine Kipke, Operations Manager at P.J. Schulz GmbH