Propulsion technology

Conveyor technology

Conveyor technology is a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering and deals with the conception, design, planning and execution of equipment for the transport of general cargo or bulk goods (e.g. sand, ore, grain, etc.). Conveyor technology refers first and foremost to the actual technology, but also to the process design in the operation of the systems.
We supply rubber conveyor belts with textile or steel inserts, also steep conveyor belts with corrugated edge profiles

V-belt pulleys and Toothed pulleys

The function of a V-belt drive is significantly influenced by the associated V-belt pulleys. They are standardized according to DIN 2211 in coordination with corresponding ISO standards, thus complying with international standards.
We supply the following types of V-belt pulleys: solid pulleys, bottom pulleys, arm pulleys, V-belt pulleys, and toothed pulleys for taper bushings, as well as V-belt pulleys for cylindrical bores.

Chains according to DIN 8187 / ISO 606 and sprockets

In the case of chain drives, the power is transmitted as a form-fitting, slip-free drive system, as is the case with toothed belts. This means that the drive and output shafts are always synchronous with each other.
We supply chains and sprockets: Advantages No preload required, long service life and power transmission, without loss of power and slippage.

Classic V-belts according to DIN 2215 - ISO 4184

With the help of V-belts, torques between two shafts can be transmitted easily, low-vibration and cost-effectively, even at large centre distances and high speeds. Classic V-belts with reliable pulling power - applicable for V-flat drives.
We supply elements for construction machinery, conveyor technology, gearbox construction, agricultural machinery and refrigeration and air conditioning.

Narrow V-belts according to DIN 7753 - ISO 4184

With the help of V-belts, torques between two shafts can be transmitted easily, low-vibration and cost-effectively, even at large centre distances and high speeds. These V-belts are characterized by high temperature resistance, low elongation, high efficiency and long service life.
We supply narrow V-belts for construction machinery, conveyor technology, gearbox construction, agricultural machinery and refrigeration and air conditioning.

Timing belt, Power bands, Ribbed belts

In a timing belt drive, power transmission occurs through a positive, slip-free system by the meshing of the belt teeth with the pulley's teeth. It operates without the need for lubrication and maintenance. Timing belts can be supplied as bulk material in accordance with new regulations for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
We offer timing belts, power bands, and ribbed belts for office machines, printing presses, power tools, conveyor systems, household appliances, machine tools, automotive technology, and air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

PPE Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety for demanding and diverse areas of application. All products in our range are selected branded products that guarantee a high level of safety and comply with European standards and directives. Our separate occupational health and safety catalogue helps you to select the items you need with extensive information and illustrated products.


We supply professional clothing such as aprons/back supports, disposable clothing, forestry worker clothing, welding clothing, high-visibility clothing, and guild clothing.

Occupational health and safety

We supply fall protection, first aid kits, skin protection, Secu boxes, and safety signs.

Special hand protection

We supply leather gloves, assembly gloves, cut-resistant gloves, welding gloves, knit gloves, winter gloves, chemical gloves, and disposable gloves.

Head protection and protection of the sensory organs

We supply you with bump caps, respiratory protection, eye protection and goggles, hearing protection and safety helmets.

Protective shoes

We supply you with safety shoes (S1 - S3), professional and safety boots (S1 - S3), casual shoes, plus socks and soles, shoe and clothing care products.

Weatherproof clothing

We supply you with rain gear, cold weather clothing, vests, shirts, sweaters, underwear, children's clothing.

Chemical-technical (maintenance) products

The right solution for all areas! We offer a comprehensive range of chemical-technical products designed for use in industry, craftsmanship, and other trades. Technical documentation is naturally included in the delivery.
Key brands include Henkel-Teroson, Loctite, Pattex, and Ponal. Other notable brands include Tesa, IKS, OKS, Sika, UHU, CRC, Elastosil, Diamant, Rust-Oleum, Hylomar, WD40, and Brunox, complemented by our EDE product line, E-Coll!

Greases, lubricants, maintenance

For use in the workshop. To achieve optimal power transmission with minimal friction and wear, a variety of additives are employed. This enhances lifespan, improves efficiency, and enhances water, chemical, and plastic compatibility.
We supply you with greases, lubricants, sliding coatings, graphite, oils, pastes, rust removers, silicones (molding compounds), silicone oils, silicone greases, talcum, dry lubricants, Vaseline, silicone spray, and cold cleaners.

Industrial paints, varnishes, coatings

We offer you proven quality with the RUST-OLEUM brand. The global market leader in the development and production of high-performance coatings. With more than 100 million units per year, RUST-OLEUM is the largest manufacturer of paint sprays in the world. We provide you with everything from a single source;

  • Paint strippers, tillage and floor coatings, anti-slip coatings
  • Floor coatings (7100 Rust-Oleum, Epoxy-Shield)
  • Fillers (Epoxy Shield, Repair Mortar, Water-Resistant Paints)
  • CombiColor coatings (high-gloss, semi-gloss, hammered, wrought iron, Combiprimer, thinner)
  • Top coats (according to exact RAL, heat-resistant D., insulating D., metallic D., fluorescent D.), primers
  • Marking sprays (fluorescent, line paints)
  • Zinc sprays for electroplating (Galva Zinc, Galva Express, Galvaa Zinc-Alu, Galva Plus)

Fluid Sealants

Safety and reliability of machines, equipment, and apparatus also depend on the sealing of the respective elements. Fluid sealing agents allow for greater flexibility and tolerances in the design. This applies to seams, joints, overlaps, as well as surfaces.

In the case of fluid sealing agents, a distinction is made (based on chemical and physical reactions) between:

  • elastic sealants, these can be reversibly shaped
  • plastic sealants, these have little to no resilience
  • elastoplastic or plastoelastic sealants, these are mixed forms

With the Henkel, Teroson and E-Coll brands, we have a wide range of alternatives at our disposal.


With the help of adhesives, the same or different materials are joined permanently and firmly. Bonding of workpieces has the following clear advantages over the usual joining processes such as riveting, welding, screwing, soldering:

  • The entire adhesive surface evenly distributes possible tension of the material
  • The structure of the materials to be joined is not determined in the same way as e.g. Changed during welding
  • Adhesives can reduce weight and are able to bond thin-walled materials
  • Due to the insulating layer of adhesive, contact corrosion is prevented when different materials are joined
  • Adhesive acts as a thermal and electrical insulator
  • Adhesive prevents loss of fluid and pressure and acts as a sealant
  • Adhesive protects against corrosion and prevents the ingress of condensation

With the Henkel, Teroson and E-Coll brands, we have a wide range of alternatives at our disposal
The sealing and bonding product areas are supplemented by sensible dosing devices.

Vibration technology

Vibration-damping elements play a crucial role in increasing the lifespan and functionality of machines and units. They absorb shocks and insulate against both periodic inherent vibrations and external disturbances. We offer the right solution for every application through our partners Continental, EFFBE, and Freudenberg.

Continental - SCHWINGMETALL® product range

High-tech products and systems, combinations of rubber, plastics and other materials, and electronics: that's ContiTech Vibration Control. We provide you with the right solution for vibration control applications in the automotive industry, for special vehicles, motor drives, systems and machines.

  • SCHWINGMETALL® Classic (Buffers, Rails, Stops)
  • SCHWINGMETALL® Classic Plus (Tapered roller bearings, Rails, Combination elements, Series B elements, Cup elements)
  • SCHWINGMETALL® Premium (Hydro bearings Series V, Hydro bearings Series K, Hydro bearings Series K LT, Hydro spring, Air bearings Series HL)

EFFBE Levelmount

As already described in point 1, with EFFBE we have a brand that once again secures a special segment and delivers optimized elements through a clever combination of elastomer and carrier.

  • Standard types such as (rubber-metal buffers, machine feet)
  • Special types (air springs, levelling elements)
  • Cup Mounts (CP) is a universally applicable range of elements available. Structure (type CP): Elastomer-metal connection with mounting flange, 4 sizes in 4 shore hardnesses
  • Levelmount (Type LM) and (Type LM-BA)